We offer quality billing and coding services for patients across the USA. We achieve a high caliber by time-efficient and exceptional analysis AR calling team’s keen follow-up, responsive actions to return the certainly paid claims.

Employing the following four linchpin processes Inceptive Evaluation, Identification, Auditing & Prioritizing - IIAP to equip an appropriate treatment for the patients. Our medical A/R analysts categorize the identified claims into two sections as uncollected or imprecise claims based on the contracted rate. After finishing duo process such as claims processing address and upholds other medical billing rules, Carriers filing limit and re-filing.

  • Phase 1: Inceptive Evaluation, Identification and audit of the claims scheduled on the A/R Aging Report, analyzing the provider’s policy and spotting out the adjusted off claims.

  • Phase 2: Our veteran medical A/R analysts will evaluate the identified claims and classifying the claims respective to the issues like uncollectable or unpaid claims of the carrier.

  • Phase 3: Carrier re-filing did after the verification of all the essential billing information such as claims processing address and conformation to other medical billing rules. We electronically transmit the claims after the clearance of houses and carrier confirmation to the all-possible carriers. After the clearance of outstanding claims, patient bills generated as per client guidelines and followed up for any payment from the patients.