Eligibility verification lays the foundation for initiating the medical billing process and acts as a root cause either accepting or denying the medical claims. Our impression & importance will turn based on the priority. In insurance eligibility verification, there’s no room for priority all the claims must undergo this process. Plied up problems would pop out due to lack of accurate eligibility and benefit verification. We furnish you with most better and streamlined process flow to not to stain in a troublesome situation.

Eligibility verification process:

  • Analyzing the schedules of patients using efficient appointment scheduling software. Documents received via EDI, Email or fax.
  • Validating insurance coverage of the patients with both primary and secondary payers. It has processed via checking online insurance portals of respective patients and online through calling or emailing them.
  • Contacting patients for any information correction or additional data at required times.
  • Intimating & updating the patients with medical billing system related details like member ID, group ID, coverage period, co-pay, Deductible & co-insurance information and, so on.
  • Consistent corporation with the patients relatively any verification process issues.