It is the medical specialty focusing on operating the pain-killer drugs during surgery in the operating room. We create two tickets individually for Insurance and patients for the cases related to cosmetic or prepaid. It primarily includes the field of pain management and entire perioperative care to the patients before and after surgery. We attain a good caliber in both the CPT coding paradigm and the ASA coding system. Also, providing quarterly, semiannual, annual coding compliance reports & reviews for anesthesiology coding and pain management coding.


Our expert cardiology coders do coding regularly in dealing the day-in & day-out activities. We are proficient in both the specialty & its components of subspecialty too. Our team of medical coding specialist deals the components like interventional radiology, electrophysiology, endovascular surgery, an array of diagnostic testing and E&M services in an efficient way.


In the process of medical coding, Internal Medicine adheres to the two high words namely Volume and Accuracy. Internists always tend to give primary and preventive care to help you stay healthy. The process starts from appointment to conjointly visiting hospitals and nursing home. Irrespective of the count of team or quality of the professional, we actively process massive volumes of claims in a businesslike and timely manner.


Urgent care centers are a cornerstone in conveniently providing the medical facility. These are meant to provide easy access to the healthcare systems under the unavailability of medical practitioners. In-house staff give a right solution for all kinds of medical care related issues. To sort out and maintain both patient care and urgent care billing, Internal medicine physicians & Healthcare apply a combo of scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to reimburse few medicines and procedures like preventive and routine cares like vaccinations.


Generally, Oncology involves a complex and lasting treatment procedures in possessing a long lasting preventive and curative cancer care for patients. Physicians’ authorizations & follow ups are indispensable for Oncology patients to undergo various innumerable tests and pre- and post-procedural visits. This state added complexity to the billing and coding process, documentation and tracking of payments at each stage of the patients’ clinical service. We help the medical practitioners in all possible ways to untangle their tangled state and advance their reimbursement process.


Our assistance extends up to the temporary surgical coding to cover vacations, medical time off, employee turnover and backlog coding resolution services. Our distinct features in Dermatology are coding accuracy and compliance audits. Medical practitioners should employ the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes to differentiate the surgery types. It will help in processing your medical bills and follow their guidelines. Codes are significant for all medical claims as it can upset as well as onset your medical billing.


Gynaecology medical coding necessarily should yield maximum reimbursement for provided services. We submit your claims to the payers promptly to administer your revenue efficiently and receive the due reimbursement. For efficient claims processing, you may need the assistance of a reliable service provider such as AT Healthcare. We support and work for an outspread clientele such as individual physicians, Team of physicians, multi-specialty groups, clinics, free-standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, acute care facilities and hospitals.


Emergency Medicine radically an impromptu specialty to be handled promptly by the medical coders. It encompasses many components like Primary Care, Diagnostic Testing, analyzing, Management services and Trauma services. It consists of a unique set of Medical coding which includes multi-code surgical procedures as well as diagnostic testing. Medical billers tackle the challenges like current changes to V-codes, late effects, traumatic seizures, and pain diagnosis in a phenomenal way. Medical coding, billing and documentation also done in an exact manner.


Typically, Pathology billing services frets the medical coders as well as the pathologists. We provide exceptional medical billing services for healthcare specialists like Pathologists or Urologists to get their gross payments. Though it’s a complicated and time-consuming procedure, AT healthcare paves all possible ways to ensure no loss of revenue or patient data.


We do coding for x-rays, MRIs, diagnostic ultrasounds, nuclear medicine and radiation oncology and several other procedures in radiology. We endeavor you with the most convincing solution for connecting the radiology charge capture, coding workflow, and communication gap by employing credentialed coding professionals within the radiology department. We also provide you with a quality concerned outpatient diagnostic radiology.


AT Healthcare peculiar team would support medical practitioners in setting proper codes for surgical procedures performed by gastroenterologists such as colonoscopies, esophageal dilations and, ERCP. Our skilled professionals do coding in a very efficient way for diagnosis codes as Barrett’s esophagus, Crohn’s disease and other gastrointestinal disorders.


We fuse your daily workflow by managing your Dermatology coding needs with our efficient professionals. It will ease your difficulty and foster the daily workflow. AT Healthcare finds your most convenient HIPAA secure method to access your records in faraway locations. Coding often attains Periodic compliance and accuracy audits by us.